The Young Republic

I've been meaning to write about The Young Republic for some time now, but just never got around to it (oh yes, the most common fib by blogger-types!). I was reminded of them because they were in town last night for a show at The 5 Spot and an in-store at Grimey's. I didn't go to either because I wanted to stay in... You'd think I was 60 instead of 26. Anyway, I first read about the band over on Another Form of Relief. I didn't immediately listen to the songs, but when I did, I think iTunes was just set on random. I heard the song "Modern Plays" and immediately checked to see the name of the band. Then I went to their website and turns out I worked at Tower Records (RIP) with the band's lead singer and main songwriter, Julian Saporiti, who was likely just in high school at the time. I only worked at Tower one day a week (mainly for the discounts!), so I only vaguely knew him and I doubt he'd remember me. Regardless, I definitely enjoy the band's Mozart/Debussy influenced Beatles-meets-Belle-and-Sebastian style of music. According to their site, they formed one day in the cafeteria during freshman year at Berklee in Boston. You can find more MP3s on their official site. The chorus to "Blue Skies" sounds eerily similar to "New Slang" by The Shins. You can get the 7-inch single here or purchase their full length albums here.

The Young Republic - Modern Plays
The Young Republic - Blue Skies
The Young Republic - Girl In A Tree

Bonus! The Daily Growl has a live set from the WOXY Lounge.

RIYL: Belle & Sebastian, Camera Obscura, Arcade Fire, Voxtrot


rp911 said...

I am digging The Young Repubulic thanks to you. The song 'Girl in a Tree' just cannot leave me as it has penetrated right through me. Because of this blog, I've had a pleasure of periodically visiting to see what new artists you are featuring on your blog.

rp911 said...

This is officially my favotie new band at the moment. Saw some short videos of them doing some gigs, which left me in awe.

Anonymous said...

full album -> said...

In my opinion everyone must look at it.