Sinful Sunday: Gabrielle

I think I'm going to start a new feature called "Sinful Sunday". I don't really believe in music as a "guilty pleasure" because I honestly don't feel ashamed for any of the music I like. But that said, I think it would be good to have a place to put songs that are purely for fun. Nothing deep or intellectual. And what better artist to feature for my first "Sinful Sunday" than British pop star Gabrielle? I first heard Gabrielle back in middle school. I went to London in '94 and came back obsessed with everything British. I bought Smash Hits magazine every time my parents would drive me to Tower Books. I am pretty sure that is how I was first exposed to Gabrielle's music. I do remember that I listened to the song "Dreams" hundreds of times. I still think it is a brilliant song. It only reached number 26 on the U.S. charts but broke records in the UK as the highest chart entry for a new female artist. I didn't think about Gabrielle for a long time, until finding her album Rise in a bargain bin several years ago. I have no qualms admitting that I have listened to it dozens of times since. I was reminded of it yesterday when I heard "Falling" whilst shopping in PetSmart. Gabrielle has a droopy eyelid so she is often seen wearing an eye patch, which makes her even more kickass in my book. She also wears sunglasses or sports a hair do that covers her eye. I read that she covered "Driftwood" by Travis and so I am on a mission to find her version of it. Her music is so perfect for a relaxing, sunny day by the pool. It is soulful pop music at its best. Her cover of Dionne Warwick's "Walk On By" is absolutely lovely too. Sometimes the U.S. just doesn't get it when it comes to good pop music. Actually, make that most of the time.

Gabrielle - Dreams (From 1993's Find Your Way)
Gabrielle - Falling (From 2000's Rise)
Gabrielle - Give Me A Little More Time (From 2001's Dreams Can Come True: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1)
Gabrielle - Walk On By (From 2001's Dreams Can Come True: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1: Special Edition)

RIYL: Janet Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Lisa Stansfield, Diana Ross