Lay Low

I just sat through a horrid episode of Grey's Anatomy (I feel like I was totally duped into watching a crap pilot episode of "Addison's New Life In LA"). Not sure why I bother with the show anymore, but it comes on after The Office, so it's convenient, at least. Anyway, I was reminded of my discovery from an incredible trip to Iceland over New Year's (please, just go, if you ever have the chance!) - Lovisa Elisabet Sigrunardottir, better known as Lay Low. I had to be really careful about buying CDs in Iceland, because they were around $25 with the exchange rate. I only bought two: this one and the new release from Ampop. Lay Low won the award for Best Female Artist in the 2006 Icelandic Music Awards, for her debut album Please Don't Hate Me. So, now, thanks to Grey's Anatomy, despicable or not, millions have been introduced to "Iceland's Answer to Cat Power". There is something endearing and simple and just plain lovely about her music. It will always remind me of being scared for my life, driving in a Toyota Yaris rental, on icy roads in the middle-of-nowhere Iceland.

Lay Low - Home
Lay Low - I'll Try

Visit the ultimate Icelandic Music shop, Smekkleysa, to buy her album and for a free download of her song "Boy Oh Boy".

RIYL: Cat Power, Neko Case, Jolie Holland, Feist