New Releases - 5.1.07

I don't generally feature country music on this blog, but this one deserves attention! With her third album, Balls, Elizabeth Cook could come off as a novelty act but she's just so cute and sincere that it works. Check out her live show, which is straight up honky tonk, complete with clogging.

Elizabeth Cook - Times Are Tough In Rock 'N Roll

Protest Hill is the softer side project of RFK Heise, the band leader for System and Station. I have not heard the entire album yet, but if the single "Hopeful" is indicative of the rest then I am sure I will enjoy it. (Hint: It would help if it was available on iTunes or eMusic!)

Protest Hill - Hopeful

If Elizabeth Cook is today's Loretta Lynn, then The Puppini Sisters are today's Andrews Sisters. The Pipettes took on the 60s and The Puppini Sisters have taken on the 1930s. The result is fun and refreshing and brings to mind the golden days of radio. Makes you nostalgic for a time you never even knew.

The Puppini Sisters - Sisters

Other honorable mentions for today:

Feist - The Reminder (most-blogged-about-yet-deservedly-so-album ever)
Miranda Lambert - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (fiesty country)
Tori Amos - American Doll Posse (Tori-album-for-those-who-don't-care-for-Tori)
BRMC - Baby 81 (catchy classic rock)
Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position (imaginative pop)


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