Sweden & Denmark

A recent trip to Denmark prompted me to post five songs from the fabulous country:

Efterklang - Step Aside
1 2 3 4 - Minor Chords
Diefenbach - On the Move
CALLmeKAT - Sweet You
Alphabeat - The Hours

Other favorite things about my visit Denmark:

- Listening to the big band at Tivoli
- The big swing at Tivoli
- Sleeping off jetlag at Kongens Have
- Seeing George Michael perform his final show in his "final tour" at the soccer stadium (total coincidence; I love George Michael but not enough to warrant a trip to Copenhagen!)
- Carlsberg beer

And then, a short flight to Stockholm and two short days in Sweden! It was so hard to choose just five songs for Sweden!

Ida Maria - Oh My God*
Hello Saferide - Anna
Jennie Abrahamson - Songs We Sing
Robyn - With Every Heartbeat (Live Lounge acoustic version)
Robert Svensson - Young Enough

*Yes, I know she is technically Norweigan. But she's living in Sweden (or so says Wikipedia) and she is one of my current favorites, so I couldn't resist!

Favorite things about my time in Stockholm:

- A trip to my childhood by entering Villa Villekulla at Junibacken
- Stumbling upon a show at tiny club Mosebacke Etablissement and discovering Jennie Abrahamson and Robert Svensson (see above)
- Eating at least two Daim candies per day (and Dumie, Bilar, Plopp, looking back I think I ate too much candy in Sweden!)
- Doing the cheesy Absolut icebar thing