17 Songs about 17!

The Boy Least Likely To - I'm Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon to your Star
I was young and I was stupid; I had just turned seventeen

Field Music - 17
When I was seventeen, I could stumble

The Eames Era - All of Seventeen
All of seventeen, we were falling apart at the seams

Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen
I went forth with an age old desire to please on the edge of seventeen

Blitzen Trapper - Furr
When I was only seventeen, I could hear the angels whispering

Ladytron - Seventeen
They only want you when you're seventeen; when you're 21, you're no fun

Tara Maclean - At Seventeen (Janis Ian cover)
I learned the truth at seventeen, that love was meant for beauty queens

Broken Social Scene - Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl
Park that car, drop that phone, sleep on the floor, dream about me

The Beatles - I Saw Her Standing There
Well, she was just seventeen, you know what I mean

The Wreckers - Strawberry Wine (Deana Carter cover)
Strawberry wine, seventeen.. the hot July moon saw everything

Sexton Blake - Young Turks (Rod Stewart cover)
Patti packed her bags, left a note for her momma, she was just seventeen

Ingrid Michaelson - The Hat
We were seventeen again together (And it's alright)

The Sound of Music soundtrack - Sixteen Going on Seventeen
I am sixteen going seventeen, I know that I'm naive

Kings of Leon - 17
Oh, she's only seventeen... wine and whine and wound up over everything

The Felice Brothers - Wonderful Life
You say you were only seventeen when you fell in love with that dirty Reverend Green

Gillian Welch - No One Knows My Name
And my mother was just a girl of seventeen; It's a wonder that I'm in this world at all

The Mountain Goats - This Year
I played video games in a drunken haze; I was seventeen years young

I heart covers.

Ten cover songs I've been loving lately:

Noah & the Whale - You Can Call Me Al (Paul Simon cover)
Zee Avi - First of the Gang to Die (Morrissey cover)
Ellie Goulding - The Wolves (Bon Iver cover)
William Fitzsimmons - King of Wishful Thinking (Go West cover)
Dawn Landes - I Won't Back Down (Tom Petty Cover)
Daniel Merriweather - You Don't Know What Love Is (White Stripes cover)
Nouvelle Vague - Our Lips are Sealed (The Go-Go's cover)
Amy Millan - I Will Follow You into the Dark (Death Cab for Cutie cover)
Crooked Still - Orphan Girl (Gillian Welch cover)
Yim Yames - My Sweet Lord (George Harrison cover)