Sweden & Denmark

A recent trip to Denmark prompted me to post five songs from the fabulous country:

Efterklang - Step Aside
1 2 3 4 - Minor Chords
Diefenbach - On the Move
CALLmeKAT - Sweet You
Alphabeat - The Hours

Other favorite things about my visit Denmark:

- Listening to the big band at Tivoli
- The big swing at Tivoli
- Sleeping off jetlag at Kongens Have
- Seeing George Michael perform his final show in his "final tour" at the soccer stadium (total coincidence; I love George Michael but not enough to warrant a trip to Copenhagen!)
- Carlsberg beer

And then, a short flight to Stockholm and two short days in Sweden! It was so hard to choose just five songs for Sweden!

Ida Maria - Oh My God*
Hello Saferide - Anna
Jennie Abrahamson - Songs We Sing
Robyn - With Every Heartbeat (Live Lounge acoustic version)
Robert Svensson - Young Enough

*Yes, I know she is technically Norweigan. But she's living in Sweden (or so says Wikipedia) and she is one of my current favorites, so I couldn't resist!

Favorite things about my time in Stockholm:

- A trip to my childhood by entering Villa Villekulla at Junibacken
- Stumbling upon a show at tiny club Mosebacke Etablissement and discovering Jennie Abrahamson and Robert Svensson (see above)
- Eating at least two Daim candies per day (and Dumie, Bilar, Plopp, looking back I think I ate too much candy in Sweden!)
- Doing the cheesy Absolut icebar thing


sofie said...

They're called Efterklang not Ekterflang :)

Anonymous said...

I just love love love your musical taste!!!

Ricardo Brandao said...

Hi, I have to say that your blog is one of my sources for new songs.
Simply fantastic!
And these songs from Norway...the best.

Anonymous said...


misty said...

Anonymous: I have a very clear disclaimer about Ida Maria on the post. But thanks anyway.

Fanny said...

Hi! Nice blog. But I think you mixed up the flags. The blue one with the yellow cross is Sweden's and the red one with the white cross is Denmark's.
Just thought you may wanted to know that...

Misty said...

OOPS! thank you for telling me!

bathmate said...

This is wonderful posting. Thank you.