Dawn Landes

A few people have posted about Dawn Landes covering Peter Bjorn & John's "Young Folks". The You Tube video has already been viewed over 18,000 times. I first heard the song without seeing the video and so I kept wondering why she added the annoying backing vocalists. Now I realize they are "Old Folks"... Cute. The first time I heard Dawn's music was during the movie Winter Passing. Her cover of "Young Folks" is a nice novelty track and will hopefully introduce more people to her music. She is originally from Louisville, KY but currently resides in NYC where she is a recording engineer for artists like Hem, Joseph Arthur and Ryan Adams. She is a multi-instrumentalist; she's got skills playing the accordion, glockenspiel, optigan & more. These are the two songs that were featured on the Winter Passing soundtrack.

Dawn Landes - The Kissing Song
Dawn Landes - You Alone

RIYL: Hem, Beth Orton, Joanna Newsom, Cat Power


Jeff said...

Thank you! I agree. Young folks is fun for now, until the novelty wears off. Her other tracks are great! I wish to God I could get my digital hands on the track "Straight Lines." but alas it wasn't release in the US. Hateful!

Anonymous said...

You can get that track, on the LP Four Songs, from CD Baby.