New Releases - 5.8.07

My first reaction when hearing this song was "THE MONKEES!". I'm sure this wasn't the intended response, but honestly Alasdair Maclean sounds just like Davy Jones here. The album is very Beatles-esque, and yet also very 70s/AM easy listening too. Recorded in Nashville with Lambchop's Mark Nevers.

The Clientele - Here Comes the Phantom

I don't see how anyone could dislike Travis. Maybe you don't love them, but you can't hate them. The Boy With No Name is Travis doing what they do best. Lovely, melodic rock with Fran Healy's sweet Scottish accent making you swoon... Perfect for lazy summer days.

Travis - Sailing Away (Bonus Track)

Alsace Lorraine released their second album today after a six years. On this album, Chicagoan Paul Franke pairs up with Argentinian illustrator Isol. The result is a breezy, quiet album that brings to mind a soundtrack from a 1980s John Hughes movie.

Alsace Lorraine - Call For Papers (Ian Catt Mix)

Other honorable mentions for today:

Keren Ann - Keren Ann (sexy French vocals)
Bjork - Volta (you know, Bjork)
Lavender Diamond - Imagine Our Love (Joanna Newsom-lite)
Page France - And The Family Telephone (whimsical indie)
Maxïmo Park - Our Earthly Pleasures (solid Britpop)