New Releases - 6.26.07

[Note: These three releases are great and all, but to be quite honest, I anticipate that the new Kelly Clarkson and the new Ryan Adams will receive far more plays from me. But in the spirit of introducing more unknown artists, I thought it was better not to feature those two albums, excellent as they may be!]

You would never guess that these guys are from Brooklyn, but they are. The Morning Pages make retro-sounding alt-country that sounds like a mix of The Band and The Byrds. Their debut EP The Company You Keep definitely makes them a band to watch for the future.

The Morning Pages - Don't Ask Me

So, if you take The Pipettes and put them in Detriot, you'd have The Gore Gore Girls. This means that The Pipettes would be hardly recognizable as The Pipettes, much tougher, grittier and kick-ass. This song is like surf music meets The Detriot Cobras, and it's an awesome combination.

The Gore Gore Girls - All Grown Up

The band 27 is hindered by several things. First, they are on traditionally metal label Relapse. Second, 27 is an un-Google-able name. Ummm, no third. But that's enough to hold them back when they actually make lovely Mazzy Star-esque spaced out rock. Moody, sweet, and pretty are my unimaginative adjectives for you.

27 - Half Life

Other honorable mentions for today:

Kelly Clarkson - My December (Kelly-is-my-homegirl-and-can-do-no-wrong)
Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger (Ryan Adams is Ryan Adams Again!)
Kelly Willis - Translated From Love (twangy Texas goodness)
Marc Broussard - S.O.S. (kind-of-bland-but-I-like-it cover CD)
Carolina Chocolate Drops - Dona Got A Ramblin' Mind (makes me want to square dance)