New Releases - 5.29.06

I'm sorry for the lack of posts, oh Dear Reader (yes, you, my one lone reader). I've been out of town, work has been busy, I celebrated a birthday, etc. Excuses. But I do have loads of new music to write about, which I intend to catch up on over the weekend.

Mumm-Ra are a recent discovery for me, and a joyful one indeed. Their brand of shimmering indie pop is some of the most listenable music I've heard in a while. James New's vocals are sweet and innocent, and the music sounds a bit like Voxtrot mixed with The Kooks and The Killers.

Mumm-Ra - These Things Move In Threes

You might remember Cary Brothers (not brothers actually, one guy named Cary Brothers) from two Zach Braff movies. This album is full of gorgeous singer/songwriter fare for the quieter times. If you are hyper-cynical about your music, maybe this is not for you. But the rest of us are free to enjoy the lovely sounds of Cary Brothers.

Cary Brothers - Honestly

Country-fied version of Juliana Hatfield, playing here with Austin band Frank Smith. This six song EP is full of banjos and steel guitar and sounds like a more quirky, female fronted Whiskeytown. Basically, it's the Juliana Hatfield you would expect, but with twang.

Juliana Hatfield and Frank Smith - Don't Wanna Be The One

Other honorable mentions for today:

The Moonbabies - Moonbabies at the Ballroom (Swedish indie-pop)
The Magic Bullets - a CHILD but in life yet a DOCTOR in love (typical Smiths/Talking Heads/Joy Division-influenced post-punk)
Piano Magic - Part Monster (okay shoegaze)
Boy In Static - Violet (Death Cab-ish rock)


Jon said...

I don't think I have written you yet, but I have always enjoyed your new music posts, and your descriptions are always dead on to my taste. Thanks for the great site.

Jeff said...

I think I rather enjoy a country-fied Juliana Hatfield! Also I have made a resolution to comment everytime I download a song. Just so you know what a great job you're doing! Your site rocks! Thank you for everything!