New Releases - 6.5.07

The Loose Salute hail from the UK but their music is straight out of California in the 60s. Very Mamas & Papas (except they have two hot girls instead of one). Formed by Mojave 3 drummer Ian McCutcheon. Fabulous summer music, in the vein of Lucky Soul. Best listened to on ipod poolside.

The Loose Salute - Turn The Radio Up

Matt Pond PA has been making lovely melodic pop for a little while now, even had a song featured on The O.C. This EP is a bit more upbeat, rocks a little harder than their previous stuff. This song sounds like Ben Kweller fronting the Avett Brothers. (Available only on iTunes until June 19.)

Matt Pond PA - Magic Boyfriend

You know, there is such an overload of "this band is the best thing ever" that you sometimes miss out on good, solid stuff. I think I heard "Chicken Payback" and thought The Bees were a novelty band, which they sort of are, but nevertheless make excellent retro music. This song is pure doo-wop goodness.

A Band Of Bees - Listening Man

Other honorable mentions for today:

Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full (blah blah blah)
Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad (my workout music)
Various Artists - Anchored in Love: A Tribute to June Carter Cash (mixed bag)
Ladybug Transistor - Can't Wait Another Day (solid lo-fi pop)
Dappled Cities - Granddance (Australian indie-pop)


Kiley said...

The BEES! Yes! If you can believe it, they sound even better live. Well, I didn't see them live, but they played a live set on the radio and were amazing.

Jason said...

Mama Cass Elliot was hot. I'm apalled by that sentence. Just because she was big, she's not hot?
Listen to her version of "I call your name". As Paris wouuld say...that's hot.

Hi-Fi Heart said...

Hey, how do you know which Mama I was referring to??? Mama Cass was smokin'. I still listen to my mom's old record with "Make Your Own Kind of Music". And, can I just say I love seeing Paris Hilton in jail. It's really the highlight of my day, watching the Paris Hilton Jail Watch on Entertainment Tonight. I think we're on Day 4 or 5 now.

Jeff said...

the Bees track is great and I heart Matt Pond Pa. Thank you!! As for Mama Cass, she was amazing! And iI want to punch paris in the neck, especially after being released from jail after like 48 hrs, why you ask? undisclosed medical reasons! I call bullshit!

Hi-Fi Heart said...

I'm so late on my celebrity gossip. I didn't even know she was out of jail. I'm still pissed they let her go without the routine cavity search!!!

izabella said...

Just to throw that in, Paris is in jail AGAIN! Damn right, makes me feel a lot happier these days.

Jason said...

Michelle was hot. I'm apalled by that sentence. Just because she was hot, she's not hot? Heh. And Paris is a cunt...currently utilizing no talent....snap!!!

Anonymous said...

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