Back from Bonnaroo

Because I'm still tired & recovering from this past weekend, I'll just make a list of the highlights from my two days at Bonnaroo (Saturday & Sunday):

- Old Crow Medicine Show, foxy bluegrass boys!
- Regina Spektor, who could not be any more endearing (She made sure to tell the crowd to hydrate often)
- Franz Ferdinand & their excellent showmanship!
- The Police, who I thought would suck, but did not
- The Decemberists performing "The Weight" with Mavis Staples
- Meg White, and everything about her
- The White Stripes doing "Jolene"
- Free popsicles from The Ice Cream Man (My favorite being Mayfield Snow Cream Stix)
- Free Pirate's Booty
- Watching Beatle Bob dance
- No traffic problems
- Managing to NOT get sunburnt (usually I miss a spot or two)

My only complaint is that it was impossible to SEE The White Stripes, but at least we could hear... Also, we went to the wrong tent and saw Ween instead of Spoon (not fun). And, no one sells roasted corn at Bonnaroo. What's up with that? It's my second favorite "fair food" (the Walking Taco tops the list).

Some photos:

Old Crow Medicine Show

Regina Spektor

Damien Rice

Franz Ferdinand

Sting on the Jumbotron

The crowd enjoying The Police's set

The Police's police escort

The Bonnaroo Ferris Wheel

The center of Bonnaroo

The Decemberists

The crowd for the Decemberists

Meg White's drums!

Meg White's chair!



My only glimpse of Jack White


april powell said...

DUDE. You are such a fancy pants. I can't believe you were able to be so close. Jealous. I thought we were bff- hook a sista up!