Sinful Sunday: Boy Meets Girl

Guilty Pleasure Time! You can either hate this song for its unabashed cheese factor, or you can choose to embrace it. I am in the latter camp, but then again I have always been able to appreciate a perfectly made pop song such as "Waiting For A Star To Fall". The duo of Boy Meets Girl consists of married couple Shannon Rubican and George Merrill. Not only did they write and perform this gem but they also wrote the Whitney Houston hits "How Will I Know" and "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)". I know it's crazy, because I was only ten years old, but I actually remember first hearing this song in the movie theater in the classic "Three Men and a Little Lady" (yes, the sequel to "Three Men and a Baby"). Tom Selleck is so dreamy, right? Anyway, this song is pure pop perfection in every way. Gives me goosebumps, honestly. I guess I'm not the only one who loves it... The song has been remixed and/or sampled three times in the past few years. My favorite one is by Mylo, because it manages to include a sample from "Bette Davis Eyes" and mix it seamlessly with "Waiting For A Star To Fall". You know you love it.

Boy Meets Girl - Waiting For A Star To Fall (from 1988's Reel Life)
Mylo - In My Arms (from the BBC Radio One Live Lounge)


Jeff said...

I love that song! You're certainly not alone in your secret shame! The mylo track is pretty cool too! Cheers!