New Releases - 6.12.07

I loved Polly's debut album Scissors In My Pocket, so I was extremely pleased to find out she has a new one out. The album was mostly written in response to the pain of two miscarriages, so it is intensely personal. Her delicate voice reminds me of Annika Norlin (Hello Saferide) and Gemma Hayes, two of my favorite female singer/songwriters.

Polly Paulusma - Back To The Start

Yet again, I am late on the train. I just started listening to this band, and I am already loving their infectious dance-rock. They have a Brit-rock sound, but are actually from San Francisco. I need to give the new Bravery CD a rest, and I think this will take its place.

Scissors For Lefty - Lay Down Your Weapons

Okay, I had to feature this song, because it shares its name with the radio show my friend Lisa & I had on WRVU a few years ago. The album was inspired by the simple, twinkly sounds of ice cream trucks, and who doesn't love The Ice Cream Truck? It features glockenspiel, melodica, a Casio Tone keyboard, etc. Magical!

Michael Hearst - The Popsicle Parade

Other honorable mentions for today:

Paramore - Riot! (ashamed-I-like-it girl-punk-emo)
Immaculate Machine - Fables (fantastic indie-pop)
Sarah Borges - Diamonds In The Dark (honky-tonk goodness)
Joan As Police Woman - Real Life (soulful singer/songwriter)


Guyha said...

Polly's song is just wonderful. Thank you so much for it.

A great blog, and great music. You're now officialy RSSed :)

maggie may said...

there's no shame in liking paramore...c'mon, hayley's a red-haired-teenage-aretha-franklin...

Anonymous said...

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