She's Spanish, I'm American

I've been a fan of Josh Rouse's music for almost ten years... It baffles me as to why he is not a bigger name outside of Nashville. He moved to Spain a few years ago, and met his current lady friend Paz Suay. They made a cute little EP together titled She's Spanish, I'm American, and are now touring the US together. I'm going to see him in Louisville tonight with my two best friends. We needed an excuse to get out of town, and seeing Josh Rouse seemed like a perfect plan.

She's Spanish, I'm American - Car Crash

If you haven't heard of Josh Rouse before, do yourself a favor and buy any one of his lovely records. He makes the best singer/songwriter fare you will find these days. Most of his songs are produced by Brad Jones, who adds his trademark sound (gorgeous, lush arrangements). Here is a "sampler" to get you started:

Josh Rouse - Dressed Up Like Nebraska (From 1998's Dressed Up Like Nebraska)
Josh Rouse - Laughter (From 2000's Home)
Josh Rouse - Feeling No Pain (From 2002's Under Cold Blue Stars)
Josh Rouse - 1972 (From 2003's 1972)
Josh Rouse - Sad Eyes (From 2004's Nashville)
Josh Rouse - It Looks Like Love (From 2006's Subtitlo)

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april powell said...

man oh man. louisville. what a good time! that paz... what a cutie. it seemed like he was smiling a lot during the show. it was cute.