When I heard that Martina Sorbara had started a pop group, I knew I would have to check it out. The last I heard of her was back in 2002 when I used to play songs from her debut album The Cure for Bad Deeds on my college radio show. I played mostly folk music a la Dar Williams (you can laugh). Martina's solo album is definitely folky, but still holds up for me today because of the strength of her voice. She sounded like a happy Ani DiFranco. Then five years go by, and now I read about Dragonette, a band Martina started with her husband. Imagine if The Cardigans set out to make a dance album where every song could be a Top 40 hit. While doing some research on Martina's whereabouts, I found that she does the vocal on "Take Me Back To Your House" by Basement Jaxx... I knew there was a reason that was my favorite song on Crazy Itch Radio. Dragonette's debut album, Galore, will be released on July 16th. If you preferred Martina as a folk singer, try "Get Lucky". It's less dance-floor, and more cabaret, than most of the Dragonette songs I've heard so far.

Martina Sorbara - Undone
Basement Jaxx (feat. Martina Sorbara) - Take Me Back To Your House
Dragonette - Take It Like A Man
Dragonette - Get Lucky

RIYL: Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Basement Jaxx, Annie, Goldfrapp


Anonymous said...

Could anyone post the lyrics of "Get Lucky" here, please? Thanks.

David said...

Cool band!

Me encanta.