Lullaby Baxter

I distinctly remember buying the debut album from Lullaby Baxter Trio. It was in the bargain bin at a used record store for ninety nine cents. I was so intriqued by the cover, and the song titles, and really everything about it, that I couldn't imagine not spending the ninety nine cents to find out what in the world it might sound like. It was like a circus, set to jazzy cabaret sounds. I had completely forgotten about the album, until I read somewhere that she had released a follow up. Capable Egg was almost too quirky for its own good, but Garden Cities of To-morrow fits a good many more occasions. If you like Norah Jones, but wish she had more personality, then you would enjoy this album. As for the six years between albums, Lullaby Baxter spent time waitressing, fell in love with a painter, had a baby named Lorenzo Wolfgang, and wrote a manifesto.

Lullaby Baxter - Rattled Little Clam (From 2006's Garden Cities of To-morrow)
Lullaby Baxter Trio - Knucklehead (from 2000's Capable Egg)

RIYL: Nouvelle Vague, Madeleine Peyroux, Norah Jones, Aimee Mann, Nellie McKay