New Releases - 4.3.07

Sia gained attention a while back when her song "Breathe Me" was featured on "Six Feet Under", and before that as one of the vocalists in Zero 7. Her voice is addicting. Lady Croissant is primarily a live album (recorded in London and NYC) but this is the one new studio song and it's perfect for summer.

Sia - Pictures

It amazes me how the US and UK can be on such different pages musically. Thirteen Senses are fairly well known in the UK yet very few in the US have heard of them. Yes, fans of Coldplay, Snow Patrol, and Keane will enjoy their music, but this band deserves attention on their own. Melodic rock with gorgeous, graceful vocals.

Thirteen Senses - Follow Me

Mêlée is a bit of a guilty pleasure. There are so many generic pop-punk bands that could have a hit song, but just don't stand out at all, and that is kind of where Mêlée is right now. Their songs are catchy and MTV-friendly and teenage girls are bound to love them. My inner teenage girl definitely does.

Mêlée - Built To Last

Other honorable mentions for today:

Kings of Leon - Because of the Times (southern rock)
Hilary Duff - Dignity (guilty pleasure)
Martin Sexton - Seeds (soulful folk)
Gina Villalobos - Miles Away (lucinda-esque americana)