New Releases - 7.17.07

Josh Rouse proves yet again that he is incapable of making a bad album with his 7th full length Country Mouse City House. Don't expect any big changes in his sound, though. Still the irresistible country-tinged pop/rock we have grown to expect from Josh. It seems moving to Spain from Nashville was a good move for him.

Josh Rouse - London Bridges

A Fine Frenzy is the stage name of L.A.'s Alison Sodul. She has a lot going for her: she has celebrity friends (Selma Blair), she is drop dead gorgeous, she's currently on tour with Rufus Wainwright, but most importantly her music is like a fascinating mix of Fiona Apple, Kelly Clarkson, and... Coldplay?

A Fine Frenzy - The Minnow & The Trout

Teddy Thompson (son of folk royalty Linda & Richard Thompson) heard a lot of country music growing up in a commune in England, and so it stood to reckon that he might make a country album one day. His voice has a pure folk sound, but somehow still works on these songs (all covers, except for one). "My Blue Tears" is a Dolly Parton tune.

Teddy Thompson - My Blue Tears

Other honorable mentions for 7.17.07:

Rooney - Calling The World (retro rock)
The Rocket Summer - Do You Feel (Hanson-if-they-were-a-Christian-emo-band-so-why-the-hell-do-I-like-it?)
The Honorary Title - Untouched and Intact (near perfect pop/punk)
The Magic Numbers - Those The Brokes (modern Mamas & Papas)
Eilen Jewell - Letters From Sinners & Strangers (less gritty Lucinda)
The Cribs - Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever (edgier Franz)


april powell said...

I haven't heard the new Josh Rouse from start to finish but I still think he needs to drop Paz from most of his songs. I mean- the cutsie shit...?! I can't handle it anymore. They are in love. Wonderful. We get it!

Besides that- I am still loving hifi heart. and misty.

Any major dude with half a heart said...

Hey there. Thanks for all the great music.

I'm still battling with Josh's album. It's a lot of work to really like. Subtitulo was easy to like, but lightweight. And the new effort doesn't match up (yet) with the brilliance of Nashville or 1972.

But I'll persevere with it. And Josh Rouse even not at his best is still a damn sight better than many others.