The Electric Cinema

The Electric Cinema is a four piece band based in London and headed up by siblings Dan and Rebecca Neale. They have been accused of being merely a rip off of other bands out there (yet aren't they all? Just some more obviously than others). And yes, they do sound eerily similar to The Flaming Lips. But I might label this "Flaming Lips Lite" because you don't have to be a fan of their swirling psychedelics to enjoy this. I also feel very guilty for being so judgmental, and almost not listening to this band because of the horrid haircut on the one female in the band. All four of them just have this contrived rock star look, when I'm sure they are all ten times more attractive in their normal look and clothes. I am glad I gave it a go though, because I have really been enjoying this album as background music. The only thing that gets old for me is the distorted guitars that are inevitable around the time each song gets about three quarters of the way in. I give the band the benefit of the doubt, though, because I read somewhere that these songs were created as a soundtrack to their old Super-8 home movies. I selfishly hope that their next album will be less Flaming Lips sound-alike, and more of the sweet and laid back pop sound that I prefer. I feel like I haven't said anything positive about this record but honestly, I do like it! At its best, their music sounds like a modern day Prefab Sprout.

Electric Cinema - I Could Know All Of You
Electric Cinema - Heat Exchange

RIYL: The Flaming Lips, Coldplay, Death Cab For Cutie, Grandaddy