New Releases - 3.27.07

MIKA is everywhere lately. I don't know if we will remember him in five years, but his music is so fun for the moment. This album is possibly one of the best albums to listen to while working out. It is like the Scissor Sisters made an album that is somehow more accessible than their previous ones.

MIKA - Stuck in the Middle

This is embarassing to admit, but the first time I took notice of Grant-Lee Phillips was on "Gilmore Girls" where he plays the town troubadour of Stars Hollow. His music is perfect coffee shop music (a favorite genre of mine, if you could call it that).

Grant-Lee Phillips - Soft Asylum (No Way Out)

Kate Havnevik is proof of what having your song on Grey's Anatomy can do for a music career. You can now hear The Fray, KT Tunstall and Snow Patrol on Top 40 Radio, which can be partially attributed to Grey's Anatomy. Anyway, Kate is like Bjork-lite, but sometimes the real Bjork is a bit heavy for a normal day so it works.

Kate Havnevik- Kaleidoscope

Other honorable mentions for today:

Let's Go Sailing - The Chaos in Order (sweet twee pop)
The Kaiser Chiefs - Yours Truly Angry Mob (straightforward britpop)
Stevie Nicks - Crystal Visions: The Very Best of (guilty pleasure)
Klaxons - Myths of the Near Future (psychedelic rock)


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he is so great!