Top Ten Springsteen Covers.

After seeing Bruce Springsteen at Bonnaroo, I felt compelled to make a mix of "boss" covers (sorry, had to). When will someone cover "Brilliant Disguise"?

Josh Ritter - The River (live)
The Avett Brothers - Glory Days (live)
Jose Gonzalez & Junip - Ghost of Tom Joad
The Format - For You
Catherine Feeny - I'm On Fire
Camera Obscura - Tougher Than the Rest (live)
The Band - Atlantic City
Patty Griffin - Stolen Car
Hem - Valentine's Day
Tegan & Sara - Dancing in the Dark

If you are itching for more Bruce covers, visit Hangin' On E Street.


slippersock said...

Elvis Costello has released a nice version of Brilliant Disguise. I think it appears on the remastered version of Kojak Variety out on Rhino.

Another great Springsteen cover is All That Heaven Will Allow by The Mavericks.

Peter said...

This is a great list. I do a Springsteen Cover of the Week every week at if you want to check it out. I think that Elvis cover of "Brilliant Disguise" was the first one I featured -- a very good track, worth getting.

Anonymous said...

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Anthony said...

The Waterboys did a brilliant cover of Independence Day on their last tour a few years ago.

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