Songs in Commercials, Petra Haden edition

This one deserves its own post. After searching for a few weeks, it looks like we finally have a full-length version of the Petra Haden's cover of "Let Your Love Flow" from the Prius commercials (original by the Bellamy Brothers, who haven't had this much hoopla since they looked like this). And better yet, Toyota is offering it as a free download on their myspace site. The commercial itself is worth posting. From a press release issued by Toyota's ad agency:

They employ a cinematic technique to depict the harmony between man, nature and machine. A utopian landscape is made entirely out of people - the sun, clouds and even blades of grass are depicted by people moving in unison.

How cool is that? I should be feeling like such a sucker for the marketing man right now but this commercial is so good that I don't feel bad for liking it.

Petra Haden - Let Your Love Flow

Bonus! Here's the original, too.

The Bellamy Brothers - Let Your Love Flow


Jess said...

Now if only the admen would release "Dream in a World of Candy" by Melanie Horsnell, my world would be complete!

(I think it ran a couple of years ago in an Oreo commercial. It was uber-catchy.)

Lindsay Docherty Photography said...

you're awesome!

Brittany said... says that you are out of bandwith, therefor the downloading option is not available to your song links, just so you know.
Thanks though!

Cheule said...

Thanks for the mirror, toyota has pulled it for a new track. Download from worked perfectly for me!

Anonymous said...

thank you, nice surprise. From the title I thought this was a compilation of PH adverts from Who Sell Out (also worthwile)

Anonymous said...

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