Songs in Commercials: Fourth Installment

So, this has become a bit of an obsession... I am now intent on finding the song in the Eucerin commercial. I was disappointed to find out that the song in the Quilted Northern commercial was created specifically for the company. Anyway... Life has been very busy lately, and has left little time for my sweet "hi-fi heart" but I did find five more songs recently heard in commercials. Quite a good batch if I must say so myself!

Miss TK & The Revenge- No Biters (used in Clearasil commercial)
The Icicles - La Ti Da (used in Target commercial)
Lights - The Last Thing On My Mind (used in Old Navy commercial)
JuJu Stulbach - Have You Ever Seen The Rain? (used in GE commercial)
Alice Peacock (w/ John Mayer) - Bliss (used in Hershey's Bliss commercial)


mmrules said...
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michael said...

Hi! Love your blog and the commercial songs. One of the links doesn't seem to be working, and it's one I really really want!! hahaha. Just wondered if you can, could you check the link? Thanks in advance!!

JuJu Stulbach - Have You Ever Seen The Rain?


Hi-Fi Heart said...

Michael, sorry 'bout that. It's fixed now. :) It's a great song!

michael said...

Thank you so much for the link fix....and please keep this series of commercial songs going! It's great!!!


James said...

Hey, I just googled to see if anyone already knew the title for that song in that Eucerin Commercial. I'm pretty sure the artist is Angie Hart. She use to be in a band called Frente! and her voice is so unique, i recognized it when the commercial played. I will try to find the specific song and I hope I am right! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I wrote to Eucerin and although the music was written for them, they gave me the name of the group. Nylon...I found them on MySpace.

Katie said...

You said the band was on myspace, but almost all of the ones I clicked on where heavily electronic/techno/dance stuff or more ambient stuff, with none of the vocals sounding like the commercial. Could you post the link perhaps?

Anonymous said...

From checking around try this site: and then scroll down to the link to melanie horsnell. I think that's the voice on the commercial. However, I haven't actually found the song...:(

Mike and Dejah Morris said...

Nylon studios on myspace has posted the song, but it is very short, only about 32 seconds.

Red Hector said...

I love this series you are doing. It is good information and a great way to discover more music. It has inspired my own blog about the resulting followup searches for the song I fixated on..Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Seriously I should of commented way earlier but I have been a fan of your blog since you first created it! The only reason my friends think I listen to good music is because I make mixes with songs I download from here! Keep it up, you're great!!!!

Anonymous said...

OK here are some other ads that you may like
Oreo 100 Calorie Pack
National Grid Polar Bear
Goulburn Valley Harvest
J C Penny "Todays the Day"
All sung by Melanie Horsnell from Australia
And her music is on itunes

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Anonymous said...

Hey hi-fi heart,
can you re-up the no biterz song?
i can't find it anywhere