Songs in Commercials, Thirteenth Installment

Chrysler took out the line about heroin from the Dawn Landes song... I wonder why!

Phoenix - 1901 (used in Cadillac commercial)
Annie Little - Fly Me Away (used in the Amazon Kindle commercial)
Dawn Landes - Straight Lines (used in Chrysler Town & Country commercial)
Basia Bulat - Before I Knew (used in Subaru Outback commercial)
Langhorne Slim - Worries (used in Travelers Insurance commercial)

My next batch will be classical themed... Submit your suggestions! My inspiration is the amazing new American Express commercial that uses Bach's Cello Suite.

Happy birthday to the best dog ever.

I never was a dog person. It took my husband five years to convince me we needed one, and even then I wasn't fully sold on the commitment. But now, on the second birthday of our dog Carnaby, I sit here making a MIX for MY DOG. Yeah. I have become the obsessive dog person. My friends talk about their kids, and I just share stories about my dog. He's my baby. Anyway, here are some songs (well, the first one isn't really a song...) about dogs. I would like to think these are the best songs you'll find about your four-legged friend. Enjoy!

Cousin Eddie - "Mississippi Leg Hound" (from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation)
Bobby Bare, Jr. - Your Adorable Beast
The Beatles - Martha My Dear
The Format - Dog Problems
Nellie McKay - The Dog Song
Swan Dive - Half Breed Stan
Cat Stevens - I Love My Dog
Patty Griffin - Heavenly Day
John Hiatt - My Dog & Me
Blue Mother Tupelo - Gustard Bellue